We're all anxiously awaiting the new Twisters movie that should be out sometime in mid-2024. Film crews are in Oklahoma right now shooting the new movie. From what we're hearing it won't be a sequel to the original Twister or a reboot. Instead, it will be its own story that loosely follows some of the characters and plot from the first film. While we're waiting why not visit the official Oklahoma Twister Movie Museum?

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The state of Oklahoma has been the location for several Hollywood blockbusters including The Grapes of Wrath, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Outsiders, August: Osage County, and more. Recently we saw Oklahoma on the big screen with the new movies Stillwater and Minari, and coming soon Killers of the Flower Moon. Oklahoma is quickly becoming the go-to place for Hollywood studios and filmmakers.

One of the biggest and most well know movies shot in Oklahoma is Twister. It has to be one of the most popular movies that were filmed right here in the Sooner State. Released in 1996 and starred the late Bill Paxton along with Helen Hunt. It was filmed in Wakita, OK. and other sites around the state. If you're from Oklahoma I'm sure you've seen it. Some were even on-site when they were filming, some were even extras!

It's a great movie with a fan base that's worldwide. People from all over come to Oklahoma, specifically to Wakita, OK. to see all the different locations where the movie was shot and to visit the Twister Movie Museum. If you're a fan you have to make the trip to Wakita, OK. it's only a 3 1/2 hour trip from Lawton, Fort Sill. It's the perfect destination for a quick day trip or staycation. The Twister Movie Museum has all kinds of memorabilia and artifacts from the movie including an actual "Dorthy" that was used in the movie!


The museum also has several of the vehicles that were seen in the film. While you're in Wakita you can also visit some of the locations where the movie was shot, like the lot where Aunt Meg's house once stood. On your way to Wakita you could make a quick stop in Guthrie, OK. and go to Tim's Body Worx to take a look at the 1984 Jeep J-10 Pickup that was driven by Helen Hunt in the movie. Driven recently did a feature on the truck. If you're a Twister fan you have to check it out!

Looking forward to the new movie Twisters. Crews are hard at work filming all over Oklahoma and should be wrapping up sometime soon. We should be seeing it on the silver screen Summer of 2024. Although not officially or 100% confirmed yet we're hearing it'll be released on Friday, July 19th, 2024 (07-19-24). Can't wait to see it. Maybe one of the drive-in theaters will be playing it, now that would be an epic evening.

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