Father's Day is a special day for real fathers, but we rarely thank the fictional fathers that millions of us watch every day on television. So let's take a second to wish a few very important father figures a happy Father's Day.

RJ Mitte, who you probably know better as Walter White Jr. from a little show called Breaking Bad, has a few words for TV father.

Now I don't need to tell you all the hell his fake father has put his fake family through, but RJ has no grudge against him.

In fact he rather appreciates that instead of telling lame knock-knock jokes like most fathers, his dad was the one who knocked.

If you liked that video check out these other two videos I found of actors honoring their TV fathers. The first is from Zachery Ty Bryan, who played Brad Taylor on Home Improvement.

The second is less of an actor and more of a monster, but he'd like to wish his father, who just happens to be the king of all monsters, a happy Father's Day as well.