Don't worry Dallas sports fans none of your teams made the list.

Now this is a pretty self explanatory list. Who is the worst of the worst? GQ actually did their research and went outside of the standard NFL,NHL, MLB and NBA. They actually threw in some World Hockey Association and World Football League teams. Let's be honest unless your an ESPN researcher you don't know anything about those two leagues.

Now the only reason I am sharing this is for two reasons. One, none of my teams are on the list and I am so thankful for that. Two GQ declared every sports franchise in Cleavland as the worst at number one. I am willing to declare GQ subscriptions plummeted in Cleavland today.

Check Out Who GQ Declared the Worst Sports Franchises Below:

1. Every Cleavland Sports Franchise [All Leagues]

2. Detroit Lions [NFL]

3. Chicago Cubs [MLB]

4. Los Angeles Clippers [NBA]

5. Charlotte Bobcats [NBA]

6. New York Jets [NFL]

7. Kansas City Royals [MLB]

8. Providence Steamrollers [NBA]

9. Indianapolis Racers [World Hockey League]

10. Detroit Wheels [World Football League]

11. Phoenix Coyotes [NHL]

12. New York Mets [MLB]

13. Washington Federals [United States Football League]

14. Philadelphia Phillies [MLB]

15. Toronto Raptors [NBA]

16. Toronto Maple Leafs [NHL]

17. Buffalo Bills [NFL]

18. Pittsburgh Pirates [MLB]

19. Arizona Cardinals [NFL]

20. St. Louis Blues [NHL]