Governor Rick Perry's participation in an organized day of prayer and fasting has put him at odds with various groups, including many religious organizations. Read more after the break.

Perry is teaming with the controversial American Family Association, an evangelical Christian group, for the event. Here's a quote from Courthouse News:

"The prayer rally orchestrated by Governor Perry violates the Establishment Clause by endorsing religion over non-religion, as well as by endorsing Christianity over non-Christian religions," the Freedom From Religion Foundation says.

via Courthouse News Service.

Now, that's from a group that wants NO religion. The problem is, even other religious groups, including Christian groups, don't like Perry aligning himself with the AFA. That is where my opinion comes in.

I don't believe religion has any place whatsoever in government. Religion shapes your beliefs and morals and having it twice removed before it reaches government is good enough. How are you ever going to come up with something that makes Christians-Jews-Muslims-and so on happy if you can't even make ONE of the groups happy with its sub-groups.

Let me put this another way, what do you think would happen if we organized a "National Day Of Satanism" for our government? Well there you go. You either have to let everybody celebrate their beliefs, or no one gets to celebrate their beliefs. Religion is far too difficult a topic for anybody other than an individual to wrestle with. I think each persons religious beliefs are as different as fingerprints, even if they go to the same church. To try to put on any event with any religious bent at all would leave you with one of two things-something so polarizing that only a few like it, or something so watered down it's pointless to have.

And for the faithful, I have this. Pray. Pray now. Pray whenever or where-ever you want. You don't need a reason or a specific place or time. You have a right to believe what you want to believe as long as you respect everyone else s right to believe what they want to believe.

As for Governor Perry, I question the abilities of someone who'd make this kind of divisive decision in the first place.