'Welcome to Good Buger, Home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?'

Oh my God, Jimmy Fallon did something that I have been waiting years for. A 'Good Burger' reunion. Hell, just a Kenan and Kel reunion would have been cool with me. These guys were such a huge part of my childhood and it was a nice tough of nostalgia to start my morning out with.

Quite similar to 'SNL' in this fashion, the skit became so popular it got it's own movie. I was quoting this thing for weeks after this came out. It's stupid humor, as a kid I loved it. Kenan and Kel were definitely some of the biggest stars to come out of 'All That'. They would even go on to get their own show.

Kenan and Kel would go onto star in some comedy movies later. Kenan Thompson hit it big by becoming a feature player on 'SNL'. I haven't heard from Kel in years though. It's great to see the two of them together once again. My only complaint on the Jimmy Fallon skit was Kenan not playing his character in the movie. I thought it would have been funny if Kenan walked in and was like I remember when I used to work here.

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