Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Let's celebrate by showing off the only Texas Friday the 13th filming location.

Today is a very important holiday. Friday the 13th, which now means at some point tonight I will be watching one of the horror classics. As you should know, Jason is not the killer in the original movie. That would Mrs. Voorhees. Thanks to Scream for pounding that piece of trivia into our head.


We currently have twelve Friday the 13th movies that I could potentially watch tonight. I am throwing Freddy VS Jason into the overall movie list. However, did you know the most recent Friday the 13th film was shot right here in Texas?

Yes, technically Camp Crystal Lake for this movie is actually right here in Texas. The original filming location is in Cunningham County, New Jersey. However for the 2009 reboot of the franchise Camp Fern in Marshal, Texas was Camp Crystal Lake for a new generation.

Camp Fern is a summer camp for boys and girls to attend every year. They offer a four week camp and a two week camp for kids from first to tenth grade. The camp has it's own private lake in the East Texas Piney Woods. Which is probably why it made for a great filming location for the Friday the 13th franchise. No need to build cabins or worry about someone rowing their boat by.

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Before someone comes and corrects me on this story. I am aware a majority of the film was also shot in Austin, Texas. However, this is a physical camp you can stay in unlike the filming locations over in Austin.

At about the 2:30 mark in the video above, you can see what appears to be Camp Fern used in the movie. So if you're a horror junkie like myself, you can send your kids to summer camp at 'Camp Crystal Lake' right here in Texas.

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