The ever-popular series of Funko Pop! collectible figures show no signs of slowing down and, as they continue to embrace high-profile names in heavy music, the toy company has just unveiled a doll dedicated to Five Finger Death Punch's menacing mascot, Knucklehead.

Knucklehead has been prominently featured across many Five Finger Death Punch album covers, and, in its debut as a Funko Pop! doll, the iconic mascot has been given a rough 'n' tumble exterior — arctic camouflage pants, one fingerless glove, a white tank top with a red outline around the shoulders, blacked out eyes with a red X in place of pupils, red handprint slapped over a portion of its face and a brass knuckle belt buckle with the letters FFDP printed where the finger openings traditionally are.

Most imposing of all is the set of brass knuckles in its mouth and baseball bat over its shoulder.

View the figure below and, to place your order, head here.

A brand new Funko Pop! doll might not be the only new thing coming from Five Finger Death Punch this year. Last year, guitarist Zoltan Bathory confirmed the group was working on the follow-up to 2020's F8 in addition to a 15th anniversary re-recording of the band's first album, The Way of the Fist. No firm release timeline was provided, but Bathory did forecast that the new record would be out some time in 2022.

Then, in November, singer Ivan Moody teased fans with a 17-second clip of new music.

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