August 22, 2007 is a day I will never forget and Texas Rangers fans will be damn sure of that.

I've been riding high on my Baltimore Orioles in 2022. Getting a complete sweep of the Texas Rangers this year 6-0 is always a good feeling. However, today Rangers fans will always bring up. Hey, remember when we beat you 30-3.

This was a dark day for me in Wichita Falls for many reasons. It was my first week living here. Coming from Maryland, didn't really know anybody. So I was just chilling in my dorm at Midwestern State on my laptop when all of the sudden my phone and laptop starts exploding with messages from my friends in Maryland.

"What did you do?!" People were texting me. I had no idea what was going on, but everyone was telling me to turn on the Orioles game. I said I live in Texas now, I can't watch. Then people said they were playing the Rangers and I didn't even think about watching the Orioles again in 2007 once I moved here.

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I recall tuning in the top of the 6th. Somewhere around 14-3. My friends were saying I cursed the Orioles by moving to Texas. Little did we know, this lead would only get worse. I would like to say, the Orioles were leading this game at one point. So this is technically a comeback for the Texas Rangers.

At the start of the fourth inning it was 3-0 for the Orioles. Then the wheels fell off, the engine came out and seats ejected everyone from the vehicle. It was a complete mess from here on out. The Rangers put up 5 in the fourth inning, 9 in the sixth inning, 10 in the eighth inning and to close it out 6 in the ninth inning.


Fifteen years later, it is still the biggest blowout in MLB history. Fun fact, the previous record was in 1950 Boston Red Sox 29 St Louis Browns 4. You know who the St Louis Browns are? In 1954, the team would move and become the Baltimore Orioles. Yeah, my franchise has a nice little history of blowouts.


So enjoy it Rangers fans, today is your day to brag. Just remember, who knocked you out of the playoffs after going to back to back World Series.

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