Mastodon and indie pop goddess Feist announced late last year that they would be partnering in an unusual fashion for the annual independent retail extravaganza known as Record Store Day. Each act will cover one of the other’s songs. Since Mastodon traffic in fuzzed out and forward-thinking hard rock and Feist camps out in the pop world, it’s an eyebrow-raising endeavor in theory. But we have high hopes for the execution.

That said, Mastodon have already hunkered down and knocked out their version of Feist’s ‘A Commotion.’ Now it’s Miss Feist’s turn to kick out the jam.

Feist tweeted that she is working on her end of the bargain, posting: “If people are expecting a cute twee cover of a metal song they have a big surprise comin. #Placebolivesagain.” That Placebo hashtag is a reference to a punk band she was once a member of.

Most Mastodon fans certainly don’t want a “cute” or a “twee” cover of one of the band’s songs, so we’re excited to hear what she comes up with and how she attacks a Mastodon track. There’s been no word as to which Mastodon song Feist is covering, but we’re hoping she ventures back some deeper cuts in the catalog. She could handle ‘Crusher Destroyer’ rather well. Or if she plans to go with something more familiar, how about ‘Megalodon?’

Anticipation is certainly high!

The covers will appear on a split exclusively designed for Record Store Day, which is April 21. Mark your calendars.