I'm always a fan of a classic prank, but it sounds like this kid took it WAY too far.

Let's Travel Over to Conroe, Texas for the Story

Looks like police are actually getting involved with a prank at Caney Creek High School. Looks like a student actually got the school shut down because the student decided to pull the classic fart spray prank.

If you're a mature individual in society, you may not know this is a real product. Yes, a quick dose of this stuff clears out a room quick. Seriously, just a one second spray does the job, but I assume this kid sprayed the whole can in his school. You could probably clear out a room with a spray, but not the whole school. The smell was so bad six kids went to the hospital. Don't worry they're going to be fine.

Texas Kid is in BIG Trouble

Not only did the police have to come investigate this because the school shut down. The fire department came out to investigate because some thought it was an actual gas smell. Like natural gas and not the gas that comes out of me after too much Taco Bell.

What Fart Spray Did the Kid Use?

Turns out it is something called Hensgaukt Fart Spray. Get ready for this description."Extra Strong Smelly Like 14th Century Sewage" We making fart spray that smells like the 1300's? That is an oddly specific thing to target. For ten bucks on Amazon you can get two packs of the stuff.

Classes Resumed Today As Normal

Looks like the smell started Wednesday and would not leave until over the weekend. Caney Creek High School Principal Jeff Stichler isn't f***ing around with this prank. The student is going to be charged with everything he can possibly be charged with. "The school district is working with the District Attorney's Office and "will address it to the fullest extent of the Student Code of Conduct and the laws of the State of Texas," he said in a statement.

So to any kids that think of trying this in your school, I wouldn't recommend it. Also, don't go overboard with the fart spray if you buy some. One spray lasts a lifetime.

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