Ever wanted to own property that wasn't located on Earth? Well now's your chance, actually you've had this chance since the '80s but nobody told me that. Dennis Hope, founder and owner of Lunar Embassy Corp of Gardnerville, Nevada, claims that he holds the property rights to nine different planets and has been selling plots of land for years.

The price of one acre on the moon? $19.99. How about Mars? $22.49. Sounds like a steal for a piece of land you may not be able to step foot on in your lifetime. It would still be cool to say I own land on the moon.

Hope started the company in 1968 when he was broke and unemployed and after consulting several lawyers, the first two said they didn't know if he could claim the rights to the Moon and other space property, the third said sure, why not? and Hope hit the ground running. Now apparently the "Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies," known for short as the Outer Space Treaty, says that no nation on Earth can claim territory on another planet, although it  doesn't say anything about privately owned businesses.

So out of all the planets which is the big seller? Of course it's the Moon. Why? Because on any clear night you can step outside and see your little patch of property floating way above you. And according to his own estimates, Hope says he has only sold 7.5 percent of the moon so far—"600 million and 11 acres." He's only sold 325 million acres of Mars.

Hope's business doesn't come just from private buyers, he says 1800 US corporations have bought the biggest parcels of land including two major hotel chains. The largest plot he has sold was 2.66 million acres and cost $45,000 at the time. Today that same amount would cost over $2 million.

There is even a Lunar Constitution, drafted by Hope himself, and he says he has issued a lunar currency and has made overtures for the moon to join the International Monetary Fund along with establishing relations with over 30 Earth nations.

And while he may be in this business to make money, Hope says there are 23 sites he wouldn't sell including the Apollo landing sites and the stone face on Mars. If your interested in buying yourself a little piece of land that your ancestors may get to visit in the future, you can check out Hope's website HERE.

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