I know many are frustrated at the lack of power or rolling blackouts going on throughout the state. One expert says, this is all Texas' fault.

This brutal cold that is hitting the entire state of Texas has our electric grid scrambling to keep up. Ed Hirs, is an energy expert at the University of Houston and he's said Texas' energy grid was doomed to fail at some point. He's been calling for changes since 2013 and now it looks like we waited too late to make those changes. This has forced people to live with no heat during a brutal cold.

Hirs said ERCOT, which acts like an air traffic controller and manages the power grid for 85% of Texas customers. It has no mechanism to penalize the companies that actually generate the power. Hirs said those generators typically focus their efforts on the summer months, when they expect their power plants to have high demand. Not in the winter.

“They leave them turned off,” he said. “They’re not winterized, there’s no antifreeze, they’re not oiled, they’re not staffed. They’re not ready to respond in a short term emergency like this.” He says these companies have no incentive to prepare a backup plan in case something happens like an arctic blast like this.

“The solution’s going to be to restructure the entire electricity market for Texas,” he said. “This has been a fool’s errand since it was passed into law 20 years ago. And it just totally needs to be revamped.” He goes onto say if you have been without power for a long period of time, you're victim to a broken system.

I know some Texans are very angry right now and want questions answered as to how some folks can go so long without power. Governor Abbott stressed yesterday that Texas electrical grid is not compromised. He's putting this on the energy companies that were not prepared for the winter storm.

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