Busy traffic is enough to make anyone up-tight, just be thankful you don't have to deal with a snake coming out of your AC vent too.

Monica Dorsett was driving in Venice, FL when she turned on her AC and noticed something strange with the vents, specially a long red Rat Snake just inches from her left hand. According KFOR TV, Dorsett pulled off into a parking lot and began filming the snake coming out of the vent. Dorsett tried to encourage the snake to move quicker by tapping on the dash, but that caused the snake to start to retreat back into the vent. Seeing the snake heading back in, Dorsett admitted that she panicked and slammed the door onto the snake.

Dorsett called her husband for help, but by the time he arrived it was clear that the slamming of the car door had done extensive damage to the snake. Dorsett's husband then decided to put the snake down in an undisclosed fashion.

Dosett's daughter Kristina posted pictures of the incident to Twitter, and it has so far been retweeted over 15,000 times.

How would you have reacted to a snake coming out of your vents while in traffic?

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