Looks like we'll get to witness the search for former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy in the same fashion as Metallica when they were looking for bassist Jason Newsted's replacement in their epic letdown of a movie "Some Kind Of Monster". Yay.

What is it about these guys getting older and all of a sudden they're willing to expose themselves as mere humans? I don't want that. I realize they are human and therefore far from perfect but that's not the side of the band I want to see. I only want to see them in the light of being the total badass musicians that they are.

I mean no disrespect to Dream Theater but until they're ready to announce their new drummer just chill and write some awesome tunes. So far the list of potential replacements is down to seven guys: Thomas Lang, Aquiles Priester, Derek Roddy, Virgil Donati, Mike Mangini, Marco Minneman and Peter Wildoer.

Check out the video here.