We all love the guy that tries to create a new mascot for his favorite team, right? We all love Charlie as Green Man when he would wear it to Phillies games.

If you watched game three of the NLCS the other day you may have noticed Rally Bear dancing on the Dodgers dugout. Well here is the problem with that. The Dodgers are one of four teams in baseball that do not have a mascot. Well Mark Monninger, a 50-year-old furniture store owner from Rancho Cucamonga decided the Dodgers needed a new mascot.

He has been deemed as Rally Bear. Now the crowd absolutely loved this guy and for being 50 years old he has got some moves. Well unfortunately Mark will have to put up the Rally Bear costume because he has been banned for six months. I would just like to say that the only game that the Dodgers have won in this series was the game Rally Bear was dancing at. If the Dodgers want to make a comeback in this series they need to free the bear.