Don't worry, the crocodile that eats Captain Hook at the end of the ride has to stay. Right? 

In case you have been living under a rock the past couples weeks, a boy was attacked and killed by an alligator on Walt Disney World property. Very sad story and I think we all thought changes would be coming to Disney World. Signs and barriers have now been posted near the water warning of alligators. Changes are now coming to the actual Disney park as well.

Peoples have noticed that the parade float from the Festival of Fantasy parade at Magic Kingdom has a missing float. The one with the crocodile attempting to eat Captain Hook was nowhere to be seen. A planned performance from the crocodile from the movie 'Princess and the Frog' has also been canceled. It was going to be a part of the Friendship Faire castle show.

Here are the two changes I saw coming a mile away. If you have never been to Disney World before, one of the best rides is the Jungle Cruise. It features fake animatronic animals, one of them being crocodiles. Your 'tour guide' has now been instructed not to make jokes about getting eaten by crocodiles. Looking back at my childhood, they used to do every time I went.

The other ride changing is Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom. On this ride, you go over a rickety bridge that has actual real alligators below. Your driver would make comments such as, 'hope the bridge holds up, wouldn't want to end up down there.' Comments like these have now been forbidden.

The only other alligators are in Disney's Living with the Land and the end of Peter Pan's Flight. All of those remain right now. No way you could get rid of the one at the end of Peter Pan. That's the best part of the ride.