Oh goodness, Joe Exotic in the making over here.

According to the San Antonio police department, they had been investigating a residence about some possible illegal activity. After a warrant was written up to search the property, police found something very interesting. A bobcat, which authorities estimate is around five-years-old. If that wasn't enough, police also found a tiger cub. Which they estimate is around thirteen weeks old.

You probably spent the start of your quarantine like myself watching 'Tiger King' and Joe Exotic saying that a tiger cub only costs a few grand. Well...a lot of folks just got some extra cash recently due to the stimulus checks. So why not buy a tiger for the home? I'm being sarcastic, do not spend your money on tiger cubs.


Sheriff Javier Salazar is blaming the popular Netflix show for the popularity of people wanting to own big cats. “I think the TV show Tiger King probably contributed to that,” Salazar said. “I think that people think, ‘oh, well what could possibly go wrong with owning a wild animal or two?’ I only want to imagine what would happen if one of those things got ahold of a baby.”

Salazar said the case remains under investigation and the owner of the cats will be cited for owning the wild animals. Their is bill being brought to the Texas legislature for stiffer penalties for those transporting wild animals illegally. We will see if this goes anywhere.

I'm sure more big cats are just chilling in people's living rooms right now. Hopefully those cats are being well fed. Don't want a hangry kitty.

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