Dave Grohl said he’d kept his eyes on Ringo Starr while watching the recent Beatles documentary Get Back.

The Foo Fighters leader – who’s played drums with Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and others – found himself in familiar territory as Starr sat in silence amid long conversations between Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.

Asked by the Guardian to choose his favorite recent book, Grohl named McCartney’s title The Lyrics, saying: “I’m familiar with every one of Paul McCartney’s songs, and I could probably recite most of them off the top of my head, but to have this new perspective coming from the writer, explaining the songs himself, is really rewarding. It humanizes the whole process.”

Speaking of the Beatles he continued: “I did love the documentary Get Back too. I watched Ringo the entire time: I know what it’s like to sit on a drum stool and watch a bunch of people argue. All you want to do is play a beat. Come on, fuck it, no more words!”

Watch Ringo Starr Waiting as Beatles Argue

Grohl recently admitted he didn’t understand the Grammys award process, and in the new interview he also revealed he didn’t understand the concept of non-fungible tokens – although that didn’t mean he wouldn’t create his own NFTs. “I love the idea… I just figure that whatever I create eventually belongs to everyone,” he said. “But if you can make $10m off of a fucking drawing, then I’ll make them all day long. There’s one in my studio right now. Someone gave us an NFT. It’s this thing in a frame and you plug it in and then it’s an image. It’s just colors. Someone pointed to it and said: ‘That’s an NFT.’ I was like: ‘No shit.’ I don’t know what makes it an NFT, other than it’s mine!”

Grohl and the Foo Fighters just released their comedy-horror movie Studio 666. Starr recently published a coffee-table book featuring photographs from his Beatles era.

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