Thankfully the monkeys were not harmed and appear to be in good condition.

What an awful January the Dallas Zoo had. Leopard escaped thanks to someone cutting a hole in the enclosure. A vulture was killed that was on the endangered species list. Finally, two monkeys were stolen from the Dallas Zoo just on Monday. It's the first day of February and the Dallas Zoo is starting off this month with some positive news.

The missing monkeys have been found! The Dallas Police Department gave us an update a little before 7 last night. Apparently an anonymous tip came into the Lancaster police department. Lancaster is about a thirty minute drive from the Dallas Zoo. Someone called in and said the monkeys were at an abandoned residence.

When police went to investigate, they found them in a closet. The good news is, the monkeys have been returned to zoo and they have no reported injuries. The bad news, we still don't know who has been doing these crimes at the Dallas Zoo. No arrests were made since the house was abandoned.

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The Dallas Zoo after the killing of the vulture said they were going to beefing up their overnight security and installing more cameras. Then a week later, we had these two monkeys stolen, so something is still not right at the Dallas Zoo.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is partnering up with the Dallas Police Department to investigate all of these instances at the Dallas Zoo. Apparently they have a $10,000 reward for tips that lead to the arrest of any individuals responsible for these crimes.

Letting dangerous leopards out, stealing monkeys, and killing endangered species are some pretty serious charges. We will see if anything else happens at the Dallas Zoo in 2023. The first month of the year has been nothing but bad news for the zoo.

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