The CEO had some comments about a new commercial for Motel 6 that did not go over well.

Stan Richards founded the advertising company Richards Group in Dallas and is having to step down from his position as CEO after a recent meeting. During the meeting a new commercial was being shown for Motel 6. Richards called the commercial 'too black' and that the commercial would not go over well with Motel 6's "significant white supremacist constituents".

I don't think Motel 6 wants to be known as the official motel for white supremacists. After his remarks became public, Richards has stepped down from his position, but the damage has been done. Several Texas companies have stopped advertising with the Richards Group.

One of their bigger clients was HEB who have released a statement after cancelling their contract. "The derogatory and racially charged remarks made by Stan Richards have no place at H-E-B nor in the communities we serve," the San Antonio-based grocer said in a statement. "As soon as we learned about this egregious incident, we commenced discussions with The Richards Group and have since ended our business relationship with the agency."

Another Texas based company Dr Pepper has also ended their contract with the Richards Group by saying,  “discriminatory acts or speech of any kind and expect everyone associated with our business to hold themselves to the same standards. As a result, we are ending our work with The Richards Group.”

Other businesses that worked with The Richards Group, but have ended contracts are Keurig, Home Depot, and Motel 6.

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