In a highly NSFW viral post, one mother flips her lid over 'Childless Millennials' ruining her family's experience at the Magic Kingdom.

The original poster's identity was removed when a screenshot of her tirade was shared again on Twitter. Her NSFW rant from September was shared last week by the Twitter user 'Jen from Gen Con', and has since been liked over 70,000 times and shared 17,000 times:

For those who didn't want to finish reading the post due to the word choice that would make a sailor blush, let me sum it up:

  • Disney World should be for families only, banning all childless couples/individuals,
  • Poster blamed childless woman in short shorts ahead of them in line for her son not getting a pretzel,
  • Women with children should be allowed to jump straight to the front of every line,
  • Poster has an unhealthy hatred for women who don't have children.

Its a good thing that the original poster's identity was withheld, if the responses to this sharing are any indication. Some are accusing the mother of hating being a mother and feeling jealously against those who can go to Disney without children. Others are thrown by her logic about allowing people with children to jump to the front of every line, wondering how she thinks a park with an abundance of young visitors can accommodate such a request.

What do you think of this woman's tirade? Does she have a point that childless people are ruining parks like Disney World?

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