I often express admiration for Rick Rubin's body of work as a producer. Face it, he's had a hand in on some of the biggest albums of all time and you can't deny that it's a pretty big deal to work with the man. (Hell...Sabbath has recruited him to helm their new album and first full-length with Ozzy since Never Say Die)

But, you also hear stories about how he's hardly ever around and his input is minimal. Apparently everything we've heard is true because in the video below Corey Taylor slags ol' Rick for a variety of reasons including only coming in once a week for 45 minutes and having a microphone placed by his face so he wouldn't have to move during the making of Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses.

Again I'm not shocked to hear this but to hear someone like Corey Taylor speak out against a producer so powerful in the music industry kind of puts thing into perspective.