Fathers Day is June 15th and here are some cool things I came across. They would be unique and different.


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    Membership to the Cocktail of the Month Club

    Something of the month club memberships usually suck. Yeah remember the jelly of the month club from 'Christmas Vacation'? Yeah nobody wants that. I have seen beer of the month, but this is the first time I have seen a cocktail of the month club. Sounds like a nice gift for the dad that is an upscale drinker.

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    Beer Making Kit

    How about spending some quality time with your dad and doing something cool? Whats cooler than brewing your own beer? Nothing I say. Go get one of these kits and Dad will thank you later. Well as long as the beer tastes good he will.

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    Grill Press

    Make sure those pieces of bacon and thin pieces of meat don't curl up. Summer is upon us and we will all probably be doing some grilling. No one is more a king of the grill than everyone's dad.

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    Buzz Fathers Day Giveaway

    Get registered for our sweet prize package for your dad. Plus you don't have to spend a dime, just trade in those Buzzhead VIP points. $50 gift certificate to Berend Turf and Tractor, new cell phone charger from Cells-U-More and a $50 gift certificate to The Browse Shop.