With the release of the controversial 'Ghostbusters' remake, popular YouTube personality Comic Book Girl 19 shared her thoughts on why we must be honest about movies like 'Ghostbusters' and movies in general.

Comic Book Girl 19, also known as Danika Lee Massey, has been following the controversy of the film due to her love of the original films, covering the various controversies such as the negative reaction to the trailer and her support of fellow YouTube personality James Rolfe. Massey was even quoted in the New York Times saying,

This isn't about feminism. This is about greed. This is about a bad idea.

After seeing the movie, Massey made this video, ever so briefly covering her thoughts on the new film (she didn't like it), but mainly covering why she believes people were against the film (not the sexist idiots) and why its important to look at film as an art form. WARNING: Language is definitely harsh here.

Massey makes a lot of great points in her video, especially about how movies may not be widely viewed as an art form, they in fact are and are the most consumed art form by the public. She also counters the argument that supporters like to focus on, the damaging of childhoods and previous films, saying that while remakes don't tarnish the originals in her eyes, it definitely stinks to have a beloved property churned out into a soulless moneymaker.

As we said before, Massey also covered the backlash to the trailer,

And her retro review of the original 'Ghostbusters',