Let's drink a toast to these innovators.

Yale University students Margaret Morse and Liam McClintock have created a supplement that will cure hangovers.

Called SunUp, you take it before a night of debauchery and will be none the worse for wear.

According to WTNH, "The powdered citrus-flavored mixture is made of vitamins and nutrients promoting liver health." Morse and McClintock believe SunUp is so revolutionary because it features 15 ingredients, including a mixture of vitamins and green tea extract. According to CBS Connecticut, "They say it’s better than other products because it addresses the four root causes of hangovers."

The New Haven Register reports that "A person would need to take the product about an hour before drinking by pouring the supplement in about eight to 12 ounces of water," so make sure you pound it before you pound beers.

McClintock says it has a positive effect on the body, noting, "It helps your liver deal with the stress you’re putting it under when you drink." Morse put it in more understandable terms: "You feel less fatigued than normally, you are not nauseous, no headaches."

SunUp, which is now being produced by a pharmaceutical company, could be on shelves as early as next month.

The duo is certainly not the first to try and make hangovers a thing of the past. A grocery store in South Korea made headlines last year for selling ice cream that could supposedly squash hangovers.

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