Remember music festivals? It seems like it's been a lifetime since the last big rock and metal festival took place. Ozzfest was a big contender for a while, and System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian shared a hilarious clip earlier this year from 1998 of the lineup trying to pose for a photo together.

"This clip brings back so many memories," Odadjian wrote in a caption for the video on his Instagram. System were playing the side stage during the festival that year, along with other bands like Incubus, Snot, the Melvins and Motorhead. Ozzy Osbourne, Tool, Megadeth and Limp Bizkit appeared at the top of the bill.

"It was our first tour after the infamous first #Slayer tour. We were young and very impressionable. Can’t believe it’s been almost 22 years," the bassist reflected.

Though Odadjian's caption was heartwarming and memorable, the video is actually hilarious. Everyone is seen crowded together, holding up their middle fingers. Osbourne is depicted in the middle of the group, shouting at the top of his lungs, "Come on, take the photo you fucking moron! Come on!"

The Prince of Darkness then directs everyone to pray, which also doesn't work out too well. A few other gestures and comments are made as well, including a dig at Ronnie James Dio, but we'll let you see them for yourself.

See the video below.

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