The latest from the City of Wichita Falls:

City officials continue to monitor weather forecasts and are ready to enact the Weather Response Plan if necessary. Public Works has a street crew on stand-by to respond prior to midnight and beginning at midnight, if needed, full crews will work 12 hour shifts spreading chat and clearing primary roads and parking lots located at First Responder and medical facilities.

As with any cold weather event citizens are urged to take cold weather precautions including:

  • Letting faucets drip. A trickle of water can help prevent pipes from freezing and an open faucet gives the water someplace to run once it starts to warm up.
  • Insulating plumbing that is susceptible to cold air and freezing
  • Draining and storing outside garden hoses
  • Keeping the heat above 55 degrees in the home
  • Protecting your home’s water pipes by:
  • Insuring that you have adequate food and water supplies in your home.
  • Keep vehicles parked in a garage.
  • Keeping an up-to-date emergency kit in your vehicle. The kit should include blankets, food and water, a cell phone charger for a vehicle, first aid kit, flashlight, winter hats, gloves and emergency flares
  • Avoiding travel unless absolutely necessary
  • Keeping pets indoors or provide a heat source for their outdoor enclosure.
  • Sign up for FREE Nixle email and text alerts by going to the City’s website, and following the link on the homepage to register for Nixle.
  • Monitor all City communication tools for the latest information: press releases (sign up on the homepage, left-hand column, click on Notify Me), Facebook, Twitter, Nixle, and News and Announcements on the homepage.

American Eagle flights into and out of Wichita Falls Regional Airport have all been canceled for Sunday.  Please call 1-800-433-4700 for flight schedules.

If you use the City’s Public Transportation please contact dispatch at 761-7433 for schedules and availability.  Please remember, the best way to stay safe during winter weather is to stay home.  And be sure to monitor News Talk 1290 on air and online.