Everyone is in competition for something. A job, to be the top of the class, the last cream-filled donut at the coffee shop... we've all experienced a time when we've had to battle for what we want.

Sometimes those competitions get bitter and violent. A couple of circus families in Germany proved that this week.

It seems there has been a dispute over tent space. While I don't know the size of these families, they started a shootout involving guns, knives, and batons. The result was 6 people injured, 3 from each family. Surprisingly, only one person was actually shot, with a wound to his leg. Luckily there weren't any serious injuries.

Here's the reason this story interests me. It's a circus. I won't pretend to know the living conditions, but I imagine the quarters are cramped. But I also love stories about morons, and this is a pretty moronic way to get more space. After all, if someone had been killed, wouldn't the living conditions be worse in a jail?

There's no word on whether or not anyone was arrested, nor if the disagreement was settled. Maybe someone should go buy a new tent.

Click here to read more about the shootout.

A circus rhino and his handler