On Episode 8 of the eighth season of the popular singing competition TV show The Masked Singer, Fozzy frontman and AEW star Chris Jericho was revealed to be the pink dinosaur bride who sang Smash Mouth's "All Star" the week prior.

"It’s a story as old as time itself. Small town boy has big dreams of singing @smashmouthofficial tunes while becoming a pink dragon in a wedding dress, accompanied by @sheilaedrummer on a nationally televised singing show," Jericho mused in an Instagram post (see the Smash Mouth performance footage further down the page).

"Follow your dreams kids….," he caps it off on the photo post showing him in the dinosaur costume, holding a comically long microphone that was for visual purposes only as he was equipped with a headset mic.

During the big reveal, as the live audience chanted, "Take! It! Off!," host Nick Cannon helped remove the neck panel of the costume to reveal the mystery singer inside was none other than Jericho.

"It's always been inside of me my whole life and I finally got to do it," he quipped, "No, I've got to tell you, I am shocked because I was having a great time, this costume is amazing — it's the best costume that I've seen on the show — and I'm disappointed that I got beaten by an avocado."

While the mystery singer who starred on The Masked Singer in the avocado costume will advance, at least one judge is sad to see Jericho go.

"I just want to say, Chris, I'm a legit fan," begins judge Ken Jeong, "Seriously, I've followed your career ever since when you were back in the WWE/WCW days... charismatic performer, singer, as well as a superstar athlete. I'm a legit fan and I'm kind of star struck right now."

Chris Jericho Revealed as Pink Dinosaur Bride on The Masked Singer

Prior to being outed on the show, Jericho faced off against a gopher, who was later revealed to be funk legend George Clinton (Parliament-Funkadelic) as they took turns singing parts of Smash Mouth's 1999 smash hit "All Star."

Watch that clip directly below.

Chris Jericho (Pink Dinosaur Bride) Sings Smash Mouth's "All Star" on The Masked Singer

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