We have some very talented artists in Wichita Falls and someone did amazing work downtown.

The After Hours Artwalk Facebook page shared some amazing art that is in the alleys of 9th and 10th streets in downtown Wichita Falls. First, this makes me miss the Art Walks. Second, whoever did this, kudos to you. That 3D Lego piece is astounding and an old school Papa Smurf. I love it.

On another note, since everyone is digging this downtown art, I want my favorite piece to comeback. We need to bring back Dumpster Rick! That's right don't you dare think I forgot about my favorite piece of art that 'mysteriously disappeared'. Dumpster Rick was hurting no one in downtown Wichita Falls.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

We also found out where he was a few years ago. He was just sitting at the sanitation station in Lucy Park. No idea where he is now, but I hope he is still alive. If we can have Papa Smurf and Lego dude looking good in downtown Wichita Falls. I say Dumpster Rick needs to be welcomed back with open arms.

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