A 10-month-old cat in South Africa is pretty lucky to be alive after surviving a spin in the washing machine.

The owner of the cat, Karin Bennett, says that she started a load of laundry then went to run errands, and when she came back, she couldn’t find her cat, Tabitha. After searching the house, she heard sounds coming from the washing machine, and that’s when she found the terrified feline.

Bennett rushed the cat to the vet, where she was treated for some water in the lungs and shock. The kitty was returned home the same day.

As I heard about this story, the thought of my cat being stuck in the washing machine during spin cycle is horrifying. I think that my cat would retaliate by puking all over the house.

Cats have a fairly good memory from what I understand, so that cat will probably choose to stay away from the washing machine from now on. Unlike my cat, who hangs out in the dryer.

Do you have a pet who hangs out in strange places?