Small towns dominate Texas, and BuzzFeed and Porsche feel that Archer City is one of those tiny Texas towns that is definitely worth a visit.

Archer City landed as the second best small town to visit on the list, especially if you're a fan of award winning author and screenwriter Larry McMurtry, who was born in raised in the tiny town.

With a population of almost 2,000 people, the town is home to McMurtry's legendary bookstore, Book Up Inc., which specialized in rare books, and the Royal Theater, which was featured in the book (written by McMurtry) and film The Last Picture Show and still performs live theater productions from time to time.

Royal Theater
Archer City Nostalgia via Facebook

For us here in the Falls, it's nothing but a quick little drive down south and is a fun little trip for the whole family. You could even spend a night at the Spur Hotel just for heck of it.

Other than the bookstore and the theater, you may even be lucky enough to run into the town's 18-year-old mayor. Or you could try to find the childhood home of Angela Kinsey, who you probably know better as Angela from the T.V. series The Office.

I'll always remember that during my years at Archer City High School she just walked into one of my classes to say hi to her favorite teacher. It's quiet a thrill to have a celebrity just pop up in the middle of your class.

Also on the list was Possum Kingdom, coming in at number 11 and Round Top, which was voted as the number 1 tiny Texas town to visit. You can check out the complete list here.

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