A husband and wife forgery duo pushed their luck a bit too far and now find themselves facing serious charges.

Robert Wiest-Brandi Wiest (WCSO)
Robert Wiest and Brandi Wiest (Image: WCSO)

KAUZ reports that 34-year-old Brandi Wiest and 27-year-old Robert Wiest, both of Burkburnett, cashed several fraudulent checks at Auto Cash in Wichita Falls and United Supermarket in Burkburnett. Brandi Wiest cashed two checks on January 14 and January 15 for $184.86 and $550 respectively. She returned a short time later on January 15 and attempted to cash a third check for $1,300. Employees were suspicious and contacted the bank named on the checks, only to discover they were in fact forgeries.

Wiest left the scene before police could arrive, but left behind the phony check and her drivers license. The pair turned up at United Supermarket in Burkburnett on January 24, where they cashed yet another phony check for over $435. The check, made to appear it was from a legitimate Wichita Falls business but using a non-existent account number, was made out to Robert Wiest.

Both were arrested and jailed after an arrest warrant was issued for each of them on January 24. Robert Wiest remains in the Wichita County Jail on a $25,000 bond. Brandi Wiest has since bonded out of jail.

Sources: KAUZ, Wichita County Sheriff's Office

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