There's a part of me that can't help but wonder if this bride should've been wearing a white wedding dress. I just seems like a virgin wouldn't possess the kind of moves that get veteran titty bar dwellers all fired up. While most honeymoons are filled with love-making, I'm pretty sure the groom in this case got his ass wore plumb out and will probably need a few days to recover.

Even better than the pure class portrayed by shaking her ass all the way down the aisle while a chick stays true to the lyrics and drops a whole lotta f-bombs in front of kids is the reaction from the crowd. Weddings will never be the same for little Timmy, but he had to witness the power of female ass-wiggling at some point in his life.

The beauty of modern technology is that not only can the wedding guests reflect back on such a momentous occasion and get a good chuckle, the entire world can point and laugh.