After years of drama between the Robinson brothers, the Black Crowes finally announced a reunion tour in late 2019. The siblings are currently embarking on a mini-acoustic tour before the whole band hits the road this summer, but don't talk too much if you attend. Singer Chris Robinson got pissed and called out the noisy crowd last week.

The duo were playing the 400-capacity Foundry at the Filmore last Friday (Feb. 21) in Philadelphia, Pa. when the vocalist was seemingly frustrated at the audience for talking too loudly while he was performing with his brother Rich Robinson.

"It would be nice if we could hear ourselves," Robinson can be heard saying in a video of the brothers prior to playing the track "Wiser Time." "So if you could just shut the fuck up a little bit... We're not gonna be up here for that long, so if you could show us a little respect, we're happy to see you."

The rockers immediately broke into "Thorn in My Pride" and then "Nonfiction" before the vocalist got pissed and addressed the crowd again.

"If you can't concentrate for a few minutes, why are we doing this?" he says at the beginning of another fan-filmed video. "We're happy to be here, but it's not any fun if we can't get into it and we can't get into it if all I hear is conversations. What's the point? I really wanna know."

"You're fucking grown adults you paid your money. You should fucking pay attention," he snapped. After a few more comments, the pair played "Oh Josephine." Watch the videos below.

The Brothers of a Feather tour, solely featuring Chris and Rich, is serving as a preview run before the Black Crowes head out on their 30th anniversary Shake Your Money Maker tour this summer.

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