Metal is just about the only thing that got us through the otherwise dreadful year of 2020. It's a year we'd all like to forget and leave behind, but there are still some positive takeaways — at least when it comes to these 66 Best Metal Songs of 2020.

Amid all the uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, bands did their best to navigate an extremely difficult situation. Some releases were put on hold as record labels crossed their fingers, awaiting a more tenable climate under which to put out new music — namely, the ability to tour behind a new record.

As we optimistically look toward summer of 2021 for that long-awaited return of in-person concerts, we can't stress enough how thankful we are that so many metal bands elected to still release new albums and new songs, despite all of this.

While 2020 won't be a year any of us look back on with fond memories, one thing that will cast the year in a positive light is the strength of the new music that was released and, in turn, the strength it gave all of us to push onward.

So, here they are, the 66 Best Metal Songs of 2020! And don't forget to follow the corresponding Spotify playlist.

Note: All releases are presented in chronological order. Songs released late in 2019 and after we published our list of that year's best metal songs were also eligible for inclusion.

The 66 Best Metal Songs of 2020

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