Damn Austin, can't even let us get out of the month without putting me on edge.

Randomly scrolling through YouTube when I see a title that says, "In Wichita Falls, residents have a complicated relationship with the month of April". This is a video from KVUE out of Austin, they recently had a two minute segment on our city. Talking about the destructive tornadoes that have hit our city throughout the years.

The announcer says, "Where summers are hot and dry and winters can get bitterly cold." Yeah, we get a little bit of everything here in Wichita Falls. Spring and Fall are nice though, right? Well, unless we're in the month of April. According to their report, eight tornadoes have struck our city in the past 65 years in the month of April. Three of those caused significant damage to our city.

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They got an interview with a local KAUZ reporter from back in the day that helped cover the 1964 tornado in our city. The announcer goes onto say, "Whether it's a curse, coincidence, or just the way North Texas weather is every spring." A curse? We're cursed in Wichita Falls?!


Nah, I'm going to go with living in tornado alley. Which, I am being told is shifting more East recently. South Dakota to our area was considered tornado alley. Now it looks like Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee are now the heart of tornado alley according to new data. I would recommend always being weather aware this time of year and not because Wichita Falls is cursed.

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