I told you these guys were going to surpise you!  Ascendance is a metalcore band made up of Justin Johnson (The Platypus) on vocals, Tyler Edens (Edens) on guitar, Jarrett De Los Santos (Little Foot) on Guitar, Dustin Duncan (D-Dun) and Cody Brothers (C-Bro).  Fresh out of Vernon, this band has managed to get together, orchestrate a strong sound, record it, produce it and put it out in EP form all in 10 months.  With ages spanning from 16 (Little Foot) to 25 (D-Dun), this band is full of energy and sound.  This will come to their advantage with the Battle for All-Stars Festival coming up this Friday, (July 1, 2011 starting at 5pm at the Texas Scaregrounds in Kennedale, Tx) where they have a good chance of going on a major tour.  If you missed Homebrew today, listen to "Warnings," there first song showcased as well as the bands first song period and let me know what you think.  And if you have a chance to make it to Kennedale this Friday, go and support your local band and help send them into the big leagues!

More posts coming at you this week on Ascendance!  You'll learn about the guys' nicknames and here some other funny stories I didn't have time to air.  Plus, listen to the interview again and their second showcase : 'The Getaway'.  All coming at you this week!  So keep you eyes on 1063thebuzz.com.

'Warnings' by Ascendance ***Warning:  Listening to this song may melt your face off***