Disney resorts are renowned for being the most magical places on Earth, but things can still go wrong in the parks. A video of Princess Ariel suffering a wardrobe malfunction mid-parade that has gone viral on TikTok proves just that.

More importantly, it shows that Disney's talented group of Cast Members can handle just about any situation with absolute professionalism.

TikTok user @luminous_povs shared a clip of the incident, which occurred during the Festival of Fantasy parade at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, though it's unclear when the footage was recorded. During the parade, Ariel from The Little Mermaid is driven the parade route in an elevated clam shell that allows her to wave at all of the guests in attendance.

Everything was going according to plan in the video until one of the purple seashells on Ariel's iconic bikini top popped off and landed on the ground.

The Disney mermaid didn't outright flash the audience, as there is fabric underneath the shells, but her costume was left incomplete. However, she appeared utterly unconcerned and continued without missing a beat, casually pulling her red hair in front of her chest to hide the missing costume piece.

Meanwhile, one of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan snagged the shell from off the ground and kept it with him until he could pass it off to another Cast Member.

Check out the clip below:

"It’s not a BIG deal but I just love seeing professionals covering mistakes (especially in a parade I’ve seen for years)," @luminous_povs wrote in the accompanying caption.

The video has since amassed nearly 150,000 views on TikTok, with many weighing in on the incident in the comments, mostly in reaction to Ariel's utter professionalism.

"She didn't even flinch omg," one commenter wrote.

"I KNOW ariel spent the rest of the parade inwardly STRESSING over whether someone got it," another mused.

Another commended the Cast Member for her "amazing acting."

"I love seeing this stuff," someone wrote. "They do great improv."

Others laughed about how the Lost Boy stepped in to save the day.

"Him dancing around like it's a trophy," someone noted.

"Ariel was so smooth and then the other guy is running around with it like Jack Sparrow with the jar of dirt," another joked.

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