Looks like Covid-19 has forced the closure of another business.

For decades the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park has been showing families what life is like under the sea. Sadly throughout the years, attendance has steadily declined at the aquarium. The Dallas Zoo has been managing the aquarium in partnership with the city of Dallas for several years.

Low attendance has happened throughout the years. The majority of revenue would come from when the nearby State Fair of Texas was in season and school trips throughout the year. Both of those are not happening in 2020 and the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park has made the difficult decision to close.

They estimated with no State Fair this year and no field trips they would lose around $600,000. Dallas' Parks Department and the Dallas Zoo could not handle those losses so that is when they made the decision. A plan is currently being put in place to house the sea life at the aquarium at other accredited zoos or aquariums.

While that plan is ongoing. Someone could come in and purchase the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. City council member Adam Bazaldua, who represents Fair Park, tells NBC 5: ‘My family and I are saddened at this news just as the majority of the community that I have spoken with, and I believe that the best path forward would be for a private entity with private dollars to save this jewel for our city.’

We will see if anybody comes in to save the day, but the first priority should be making sure the animals have a safe home. Hopefully that can be right here in Dallas, but we will have to wait and see.

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