The new effort from Red Hot Chili Peppers is on the horizion!

Ive always dug the Peppers since I first heard "Under The Bridge". To now see them about to release their 10th album "Im With You" Its hard to argue the inpact that they have made on rock! The biggest thing to me is their absolutely unique sound. No one else rivals them, and the best tunes, I think, were in the, what I like to call  "Frusciante Years."  They now have Josh Klinghoffer on the axe and if the rest of the album sounds like this it should rock and roll!

'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie' will be the first single on the new album "Im With You" due out 8/30/11.  You can download the single starting Monday July 18th at 12:00pm from itunes and most digital music retailers - but before you do that listen to the entire song below now!

They have also released a full 14 track listing for the new disc:

  1. -Monarchy of Roses
  2. - Factory of Faith
  3. -Brendan’s Death Song
  4. -Ethiopia
  5. -Annie Wants a Baby
  6. -Look Around
  7. -The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
  8. -Did I Let You Know
  9. -Goodbye Hooray
  10. -Happiness Loves Company
  11. -Police Station
  12. -Even You Brutus?
  13. -Meet Me at the Corner
  14. -Dance, Dance, Dance

Hopefully not in that particular but whatevs.  Hella pumped for this one!

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