You’ll never guess what the most popular fast food fries in Texas are. Just kidding – if you’re like me, you totally saw this coming.

The website Spruce recently conducted a study to determine the most popular fries in each state and Whataburger tops the list here in The Lone Star State. I have to admit to being a pretty big fan of their fries myself, especially when you add their awesome Spicy Ketchup to the equation.

McDonald’s claimed the top spot when it comes to our neighbors in Oklahoma and New Mexico. In fact, McDonald’s was voted most popular overall, coming in first place in sixteen states. That’s another one that didn’t surprise me. McDonald’s fries are widely considered to be among the best out there.

Perhaps the biggest surprise, to me anyway, was that Taco Bell’s fries were the most popular in six states. Don’t get me wrong – they’re delicious fries, but I personally wouldn’t rank them ahead of most burger joints’ fries.

When it comes to the most popular style of fries in Texas, we tend to lean toward curly fries. I personally prefer tater tots, but if tots aren’t an option and curly fries are, I’ll always choose curly fries over regular. Our friends up in Oklahoma have good taste as well with cheese fries topping the list in the Sooner State. The most popular style overall was waffle fries. Waffle fries came in first in nine states.

Check out which fries each state likes best at this location.

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