Truth be told I've never sat through however long it takes to watch an episode of "America's Got Talent" and after seeing this video I'm reminded of why I don't get into that sort of thing. Yes, I'm partial to Ozzy. No, I'm not partial to the vertically challenged. But I have to admit I get a bit of a kick out of it when I see little dudes impersonating their heroes (Little Kiss anyone?).

Apparently I don't see eye-to-eye with the judges and especially the folks in the audience who gave Little Ozzy a ration of shit he didn't deserve. Admittedly I don't have the faintest idea of what is the norm and considered to be a cut above the rest on "America's Got Talent" since I don't watch it but from an Ozzy fan's standpoint it wasn't that bad. Was it perfect? Far from it. Was it entertaining? Damn right it was.