It's Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? time! This week, we've got All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte in the hot seat so he can prove and disprove the info about him and his music career on Wikipedia.

Before getting into his life with All That Remains, we spoke to Phil about his first band, Perpetual Doom and how he came to be the act's vocalist. Phil also describes his stint in the Marine Corps, how boot camp treated him and why he was discharged after less than a year.

If you're a fan of Ghost Hunters, you may be familiar with the TV show's host Steve Gonsalves. However, did you know that he was Perpetual Doom's drummer? It's true, and in this Wiki episode, Phil speaks about Steve's belief in the paranormal years before he ever appeared on television.

Another interesting piece of Phil Labonte's history is his time spent as the vocalist for Shadows Fall. Wikipedia cites "musical differences" as the reason why Labonte parted ways with the band, but Phil himself shares the real reason behind his departure.

All That Remains were actually in Japan during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, which caused the deaths of over 15,000 people. In this video, Phil explains his experience with the disaster while correcting a few inaccuracies in the process.

Check out the Phil Labonte edition of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? above! Also, be sure to watch more exclusive videos with Phil below.

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