Blow-up doll, cockpit. The jokes write themselves. 

Some Air New Zealand workers are currently in some hot water after posting pictures and video online. Two pictures show a blow-up doll, that looks a little like Kim Kardashian to me, on a plane. One in the plane itself with the pilot kissing it on the cheek. The other is the doll in the co-pilot's chair in the cockpit.

The other incident is of a stewardess spitting up water on a plane. Saying she wishes she could spit on passengers like this. An Air New Zealand spokesperson had a comment on the situation.

"One of the staff members concerned no longer works for Air New Zealand and the other two have been removed from duties pending the outcome of our investigation.

"It goes without saying that this is a situation we are treating with extreme seriousness - and our obvious concern is that the behavior displayed is a clear breach of not just our code of conduct but basic decency."