If you want to figure out what kind of video Aerosmith are putting out this far into their music career, all you have to do is listen to the narrator of their ‘Legendary Child‘ clip, who reveals, “This is the story, the story of Aerosmith done by girls on roller skates. How f—in’ cool is that?”

And cool it is! The video is shot to look like a film, with performance footage of the band interspersed with the story of a young lady on roller skates carrying a small coffin-like box and tailed closely by a number of assailants through an area of abandoned warehouses. But there’s no need to fear, as the heroine of our story is one bad cookie ready to speed past (or through) anyone who gets in her way.

The clip ends with all of her assailants gathering together in an empty warehouse where she’s left with no other option than to fight to escape. As we see, she ramps up plenty of speed on her skates before reaching out with a punch that eliminates the entire crew.

However, ‘Legendary Child’ is only part one of the tale, with our young star stopping long enough to catch a breath and open the box she’s carrying only to have the scene freeze and promise more to come.

In the beginning of the video, the narrator catches fans up on the legacy of Aerosmith, stating, “This is the story of America’s greatest rock band … a story of struggle, a story of triumph. For over four decades, they’ve overcome the trends, no matter what kind of music they were up against. Not to mention divorce, drug addiction, stalkers, the music industry, rabid liars, rabid lawyers, hung juries, bad sushi, shark attacks, shady managers, pirates … excuse my redundancy … sasquatch, loch ness, the not-Yeti, abominable no-man, and everything in between. They’ve overcome the trends, the bends, the zens and the you-know-whens. They lived on the dark side of the moon from the goan zone to the way outasphere. Now they come to you direct with ‘Music From Another Dimension.’”

Keep an eye out for more videos coming down the road from Aerosmith’s upcoming ‘Music From Another Dimension‘ album, due Aug. 28.

Watch Aerosmith’s ‘Legendary Child’ Video