If you’re planning on going to Austin City Limits Music Festival this year, be prepared to show proof of vaccination or a printed negative COVID test. The negative test will need to have been administered within 72 hours of attending the festival, according to KVUE. 

As far as mask requirements go, festival organizers say it’s still too early to make an announcement as things can change. The site of the festival, Zilker Park, is city property and does full under Mayor Steve Adler's mask mandate, which is currently in place.

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A spokesperson for the City of Austin says they are working with organizers to ensure the safety of attendees: 

The City of Austin continues to work with organizers to ensure proper protocols, and measures are being taken to protect individuals attending events from COVID-19. We need people to determine their risk of attending any event or gathering. Under Stage 5, we strongly encourage those who are high-risk or partially/unvaccinated not to attend events as they are most vulnerable.

The not-so-surprising announcement comes as the Delta variant continues to spread through the state. Hospitalizations have been surging recently in Austin, with an average of 601 people being hospitalized as of Wednesday (August 18). As of this posting, Austin is in Stage 5 of its COVID-19 risk-based guidelines. 

The sold out 2-weekend, 3-day festival is set for October 1-3 and October 8-10 in Zilker Park. The single-day lineups for the festival were revealed earlier today (August 19).

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