For centuries, rumors have persisted that a massive aquatic beast roams the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland. While the very existence of this elusive creature of folklore remains the source of debate, AC/DC's Brian Johnson and Malcolm Young once hatched a drunken plan to locate the Loch Ness Monster and cement the myth as reality — and it involved fireworks.

With the new album Power Up, arriving in November, AC/DC have been openly speaking about how the record is a tribute to late guitarist Malcolm Young, whose ideas (but not his actual playing) are present on the record. In an interview with NME, Johnson recollected the time he and Malcolm set out for adventure with a little liquid courage for inspiration (re: whiskey).

“We both had these Land Rovers and we’d taken them for a trip around Scotland – Malcolm loved his fireworks and he’d taken a big box with him," Johnson said, looking back at the humorous event.

"One night, we were four sheets to the wind and staying at this hotel right on the side of the loch," he continued. "Mal just said, 'C’mon, let’s go and find the Loch Ness monster! I’ve got fireworks and it might attract it!'"

In their inebriated state, this appeared to make perfect logical sense.

The AC/DC singer detailed, "There we were, going straight into the water in our shoes, up to our knees, and it was freezing! Mal had a drink in one hand, a box of fireworks in the other and was trying to set fire to the loch. We were just howling. By the time we got back to our wives we had straw in our hair and were covered in mud. What a night!"

Something tells us the band's new song, "Shot in the Dark," isn't about their ill-fated attempt to uncover the truth about one of human history's most storied creatures. Power Up comes out Nov. 14 and is AC/DC's first album since issuing Rock or Bust in 2014. It will also be their first since Malcolm Young's death in 2017.

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