While I'm admittedly not the authority on Black Metal, I've always been partial to Immortal - particularly Abbath. Never mind the fact that he's a badass songwriter and all-around musician, there's just a comical flair to him that is so refreshing in a scene filled with people who take themselves far too seriously.

After hearing Abbath's self-titled debut solo album, it's crystal clear as to who the main creative force in Immortal was. I was nervous when news broke that he was no longer in the band and was pursuing a solo career, because I just couldn't imagine Immortal without him, but after hearing Abbath, I feel like Immortal is alive and well, just under a different name.

Anyway, check out the video for "Winterbane" and make plans to see Abbath when the Decibel Tour stops at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas next Tuesday, March 22. Get your tickets here.

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