A few years ago, a friend and I sat around talking about starting up a business where people could go to relieve stress. They would be alone in a room, breaking stuff. They could break dishes, televisions, chairs, whatever was there, and it would be awesome. Now a business in Dallas is doing just that. It’s called The Anger Room, and it’s giving people a new outlet for their frustrations.

People can do a 5-minute session for $25, a 15-minute session for $45, or a 25-minute session for $75. They’re allowed to bring in golf clubs or baseball bats, and the business videotapes the event so you have something to take home with you.

I think this is a fantastic idea, especially for people living in a metropolitan area like Dallas-Fort Worth. If I had to deal with that traffic every day, I wouldn’t be a happy individual. We’ve all been in a position where we were so angry that we wanted to break stuff, and The Anger Room is giving people that outlet and doing so in a better environment than your own living room. After all, it feels great to throw something fragile across the room, but afterward you’re stuck cleaning up glass shards forever. Or at least I am, when I drop something I always seem to miss that one tiny piece of glass and it finds its way into my foot.

Is this something that you’d do? Is the pricing reasonable?